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Professional Finishing Services

From Homemade to Handmade


Professional Finishing Services are available at Knit Knot & Natter!

Carissa Mulloy, from Finishing 4 U, will bring your special projects to the finish line. 

You've poured your time and money into knitting or crocheting your piece. It's "done" but the lace looks bunchy or there are zillions of ends to weave. No worries! Carissa's services include weaving ends, blocking, invisible seaming, edging, picking up stitches for collars or button bands, felting and any other detail needed to bring your project from Homemade to Handmade. 

You will be proud to show off your handiwork the next time someone asks, "Wow! Did you make that?"

Contact Carissa with questions or for a price quote at [email protected] or at 201.803.9764.

You may follow her on Facebook or Instagram at Finishing 4 U or sign up for her event-based newsletter, A Connecting Thread, at finishing4you.com